Recipe for Turkish Coffee


1/3 cup water
1 teaspoon to 1 tb finely pulverized
1 coffee
1 (2 ts sugar)


As Turkish coffee settles very repidly, it is made at the table, over an alcohol lamp. The average content of the long-handled metal pot is about 10 oz. of liquid, and it should neer be filled to more than 2/3 capacity. The pot is narrowed before it flares at the top, to allow the swishing and swinging of its contents between "frothings" - a procedure which keeps the very finely divided grains in suspension until the liquid is sipped from tiny stemmed cups holding about a tb of fluid. In the Near East it is considered impolite to drink more than three of these, although more may be served in the United States. The connoisseur adds no sweetening to the brew itself. No commercial grind available in America proves fine enough for Turkish coffee, so take the finest you can get and pulverize it further in an electric blender.

DIRECTIONS: For each serving, place in a Turkish coffeemaker, the ingredients listed above. Heat until the coffee rises to a boil. Remove at once from heat but only momentarily. Repeat this process a second and third time. Never allow the coffee to boil. Serve the coffee at once so that a little of the lighter frothy top goes into each cup first and is followed on the next round by some of the heavier liquid on the bottom.

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