Recipe for Giffilte Fish 2


5 lb fish; equal amounts pike, carp,
3 onions; sliced
1 celery stalk; sliced
3 large carrots; sliced water; to cover sa
1 white pepper; to taste
2 tablespoon matzo meal
1 salt to taste
1 white pepper to taste
1/4 cup water
1 carrots; sliced for pan
1 onions; sliced for pan
1 bunch beets; sliced (optional)


Have fish man grind: 5 filets-equal amounts; white fish and pike;and a small amount of carp or buffle carp; In a large kettle: heads,bones,and trimmings of fish; 3 onions,sliced; 1 celery stalk,sliced; 2 large carrots,sliced; water to cover; salt to taste; white pepper to taste; Bring to boil. While this is simmering prepare the fish. Combine in Food Processor: 1 onion; 4 eggs; add mixture to: ground fish; 2 tbs.matzo meal ; salt to taste; white pepper to taste; 1/4 cup water; Shape fish mixture into balls. I used to do this by hand; chopping in a large wooden bowl with a hack messer. Be CARFUL, you don't want mush but distinct tiny peices. Take another pan; and layer the beets on the bottom; some sliced carrots, onions, fish; repeat with everything but the beets. end eith some carrots. Pour the broth from the OTHER kettle over the fish. Simmer,covered for 2 hours. When cool,remove fish balls to platter and garnish with sliced cooked carrots. Strain broth and chill. Serve with jellied fish broth and fresh ground horseradish.

NOTE: The beets are unusal but my Mom and Bubbe ALWAYS used them. They do two things; keep the fish from 'catching' on the bottom and give the broth a ruby red color; but not the fish; they remain white.

I have never served it with anything but plain freshly grated horseradish.

Now if you want to be lazy...take the jarred fish (a good brand like MOTHERS or MANACHEVITZ) and do EXACTLY the same thing...layer as above and use the jar's broth instead of the fish stock..cook for about 45 minutes.

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