Recipe for Crispy Rattlesnake Coils


1 rattlesnake; cut in strips
1 flour
1 salt & pepper
1 crisco


PREPARATION Cut rattlesnake into 8" strips about 1/4" thick. Salt and pepper lightly. Put flour into a container that can be covered. Add strips. Shake. Refrigerate for about two hours. This will allow the flour to become sticky and while the Crisco is heating in a deep fryer, pull the pieces apart and re-flour the pieces again. Add flour if necessary. When the Crisco shortening is hot, add only enough snake strips so that all pieces are covered by the hot grease. Fry until golden brown. Dump into a container that has been prewarmed in the oven. Continue frying the rest of the rattlesnake strips.

NOTE: The fried rattlesnake strips will appear to be coiled!

SERVING Use a basket lined with a cloth napkin. Add the fried, coiled snake pieces. Cover with the napkin.

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