Recipe for Turkish Coffee


1 tablespoon finely ground turkish coffee (avail; able at stores



Turkish coffee seems to taste best when prepared in the traditional feenjan, but a deep saucepan will do, sized according to how many cups you wish to make. Feenjans can be bought in Eastern specialty shops--the pot is wide at the bottom, narrow toward the top, and has a long handle. Turkish coffee should be served in small cylindrical cups; espresso cups are suitable.

The drinking of Turkish coffee has become part of the national folklore in Israel. Songs have even been composed about the coffee and its feenjan pot. Drinking it at the end of a meal or at any other time is a well-established custom in Israel as it is in all parts of the Orient. In fact, in Israel, coffee is the most popular beverage. When peace finally comes to the region, there is no doubt that the historic event will be marked by the drinking of cups of Turkish coffee.

specializing in Middle Eastern foodstuffs and certain spice shops) 1 tsp. sugar (more or less depending on taste) cardamom pods to taste

Thoroughly mix coffee and sugar in a feenjan or a saucepan. Add boiling water (the measure of a serving cup plus a little more), stir well. Add cardamom pods (experiment to achieve desired taste) and bring coffee to a boil. When the foam on top begins to rise, remove coffee from heat until it settles and repeat process. Pour into a coffee cup, spooning in some foam. The coffee grounds will sink to the bottom of the cup; do not stir them up. Serve immediately. Multiply this recipe by whatever number is required for more than one cup and proceed as above. Serves 1.

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