Recipes in this category: 33
Algerian Eggplant
Atar Allecha
Avocado Stuffed With Smoked Fish (west Africa)
Banana-coconut Bake (akwadu)
Berbere (ethiopian Hot Pepper Seasoning)
Berbere Sauce
Berbere, Hot Spice Mixture(dry)
Braised Duck With Orange-and-lime Sauce (zanzibar)
Colombo Curry Paste (martinique)
Ethiopian Curried Butter
Ethiopian Flat Bread (injera)
Ethiopian Ginger Vegetables
Gesmoorde Vis (salt Cod & Potatoes With Tomato Sauce)
Harissa (african)
Injera ("sour Dough")
Injera Bread
Kae Atar Wot
Kae Misr Wot
Misr Allecha
Muslim Curry Paste
Niter Kebbeh (ethiopia)
Niter Kebbeh (spiced Clarified Butter)
Pickled African Peaches
Ras El Hanout (moroccan)
Seven Vegetable Couscous
Siga Wot
Spiced Butter
Tunisian Five-spice Powder
Tunisian Sweet And Hot Pepper Tomato Relish
Yemiser W'et (spicy Lentil Stew)