Recipes in this category: 48
All Canadian Coffee
Apple Pork Chops
Baked Cod With Stuffing
Butter Tart Pie
Butter Tarts
Cape Breton 'pork Pies'
Cape Breton Scones
Cape Breton Scones
Cauliflower Souffle
Chicken Breasts Stuffed With Sweet Pepper And Thyme
Chinese Fire Pot
Cipate Au Salmon (layered Salmon Pie)
Flapper Pie
Lassy Tart
Maple Baked Chicken Breasts
Maple Syrup Broilers
Maple Syrup Cookies
Maple Syrup Pie
Maple Syrup Tart
Maple Tourlouche ( Upside Down Cake )
Maple Tourlouche ( Upside Down Cake)
Matrimonial Cake
Mock Duck
Nanaimo Bars
Nova Scotia Oatcakes
Oatcakes (not Sweet)
Potage De Ble ( Corn Soup)
Potato Scones
Pouding Aux Pommes Au Sirop D'erable (apple Maple Pudding)
Pouding Renverse Des Bluets (blueberry Upside Down Pudding)
Poutines Rapees
Prince of Wales Cake
Pumpkin Potatoes
Quebec Apple Dumplings
Saskatoon Pie
Skidaddle Cookies
The Mother Superior's Cabbage Salad
The Ultimate Butter Tart
Toronto Pie
Tourtiere #2
Tourtiere #3
Tourtiere a La Ouananiche (lac St-jean Salmon Pie)
Tourtiere De Quebec (quebec Pork Pie)
Veau Dans Le Chaudron ( Veal Pot Roast)
Whitney Pot Roast
Wild Rice With Mushrooms
Yetakelt W'et (spicy Mixed Vegetable Stew)